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Want to brush up on the basics or rustle up a quick meal in minutes? Just click to watch any of our short videos. 

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How to poach an egg by Paul Merrett

Poached eggs can be a little tricky to get perfect, but by following this video guide with Paul Merrett, you can get them just right. These tips are simple and quick, and before you can say ‘eggs benedict’ you’ll be an expert!

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How to boil an egg by Paul Merrett

Some might say boiling an egg isn’t rocket science, but there’s more to getting it perfect than meets the eye. Are you a softie or a hardie? Paul Merrett is here to set the record straight and show exactly how to boil an egg the way you like it.

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How to make an omelette by Paul Merrett

Omelettes are perfect for a quick, healthy and nutritious meal, but knowing how to get it just right can be tricky. This video guide from Paul Merrett will make all the difference so watch and learn how to make an omelette with the tastiest, fluffiest results.

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How to scramble eggs by Paul Merrett

Knowing how to scramble eggs properly can result in some truly tasty meals and breakfasts but there are certain techniques you can use to get fluffy, light and delicious results every time. Follow this instruction video from Paul Merrett and scramble your way to egg success.

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How to fry an egg by Paul Merrett

Knowing how to get the best results when you fry an egg  takes a little more nuance than you might think! For instance, did you know that you should use vegetable oil, instead of olive oil? It’s all in the technique, so follow Paul Merrett as he shows you how to fry an egg to absolute perfection.   

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Dean Edwards' cheat's kedgeree video

A dish that’s perfect for breakfast or lunch, this kedgeree recipe combines a whole host of ingredients and flavours that taste amazing. Perfect for using up leftovers, this dish is a really satisfying and nutritious meal that’s simple to make and even easier to eat!

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Dean Edwards' one pan rosti with chorizo and eggs video

Make a delicious dish all in one pan with this video recipe from Dean Edwards. With eggs, potatoes and chorizo, this rosti is quick, simple and perfect for the whole family.

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Dean Edward's chilli cheese and jalapeno omelette video

Looking for an omelette recipe with some extra kick? Try out this chilli cheese and jalapeno omelette from Dean Edward’s that is easy to make and delivers a real taste sensation. This one’s a real winner, so give it a go and never look at omelettes the same away again.

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Dean Edwards' masala scrambled eggs video

This dish takes just minutes to make and is bursting with flavour and character. With a fiery kick of chili and pepper, these eggs mean business and taste absolutely amazing. Serve up with a bagel and enjoy.

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Dean Edwards' fragrant Indonesian fried rice video

Aromatic and vibrant, this rice has a fiery kick and is bursting with flavour. Perfect for cooking a meal for three or more people, this recipe is great for using up any leftovers and is as versatile as it is delicious.

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