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Hundreds of quick, easy recipes to transform the great British egg into delicious meals.

Quick and easy recipes

From pan to plate in as little as five minutes.

Main meals

A selection of hearty and nutritious main meals.

Egg breakfast recipes

Kick-start your day with an egg-based breakfast.

Low calorie egg recipes

Healthy and filling recipes all under 350 calories.

Vegetarian recipes

Eggs are a perfect base ingredient for cooking up vegetarian recipes.

Omelette recipes. Frittata and tortilla

Amazing omelette, tortilla and frittata recipes from all around the world.

Try these eggcellent recipes

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict recipe

A classic breakfast and brunch favourite, Eggs Benedict is one of the most popular egg recipes.
Scotch egg recipe

Scotch egg recipe

Home made Scotch eggs are easier to make than you think. See our classic Scotch egg recipe.

Popular how-to guides

How to poach an egg

How to poach an egg

Knowing how to poach an egg is easy to master, and there are many different methods to try.
How to boil an egg

How to boil an egg

A list of easy to follow instructions for getting great boiled eggs every time.

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British Lion eggs are also the only eggs safe for vulnerable groups to eat raw or runny. More than 90% of UK eggs are produced under this scheme, so they are easy to find.

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