All About Scotch Eggs

The humble Scotchegg; a quintessentially British snack that is currently enjoying a culinary renaissance, with pubs, butchers and even top Michelin star restaurants all creating their own renditions of the country’s most treasured snack. Saltcod, crayfish, and pork, chili and chocolate are just a few of the hundreds of Scotch-egg recipes that are now in abundance across the British Isles. Whilst experimentation has led to a flurry of choice, at its best a Scotch egg is all about raw simplicity: a hard-boiled egg wrapped in a hearty sausage mixture, covered in glorious golden breadcrumbs.

So whose idea was it?

Many have tried to lay claim to the Scotch egg – some accounts trace it back to North Africa, whilst others say that it originated from Indian Cuisine. Closer to home, some opinions point at Yorkshire where the locals coated eggs in fish paste and called them ‘Scotties’.  To add further speculation the London department store Fortnum & Mason claims to have been the original creator behind the Scotch egg back in the year 1978.  One thing’s for sure – despite its name, the dish didn't come from Scotland! 

Today, Scotch eggs are as popular as ever and are a staple at any picnic worth its salt. Pubs and supermarkets all sell their own creations and experiment with different fillings and coatings. What they differ in ingredients they share in taste and there’s really not much better than tucking into a hearty, satisfying Scotch egg.

Get cooking in the kitchen

So, fancy a crack at making your own? It’s easier than you think and you can add your own personal touches if you’re feeling fancy! Scotch eggs are great for many occasions: Whether you’re looking for a rustic dinner party start, a picnic-crowd pleaser or just looking to try something in the kitchen, then try out one of our Scotch egg recipes and keep the legacy alive!