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After-party pick-me-up recipes

It’s getting to that time of year when the calendar becomes filled up with Christmas social events whether it’s family get-togethers, work parties or drinks with friends. No matter how fun these festive frivolities can be, the morning-after hangover is somewhat inevitable. 

Spanish Broken Eggs with Chorizo

Spanish Broken Eggs with Chorizo

Huevos Rotos – Spanish Broken Eggs are a popular Spanish dish made with scrambled or fried eggs, potatoes and chorizo sausage. It’s a simple but delicious recipe, which can be easily adapted to your taste and preferences. 

You can use vegetarian chorizo and add a bit more of paprika or cayenne for an equally flavourful, but meat-free, dish.

Peppers are often added to this one-pan breakfast dish, but I prefer to make huevos rotos without them. Eggs are so delicious that I don’t want to cover their taste with too many flavours.

Rosti baked egg nests by Holly Bell

Rosti baked egg nests

Breakfasts are often rushed, such is modern life. Grabbed sustinence, hurriedly snaffled.  Any solution to breakfast that manages to tear us away from the usual toast and cereal is a good thing in my book. These rosti baked egg nests are certainly not for concocting on a Monday morning (well not in my house at least), but they're delicious cold and perfectly portable, so for me these are a Sunday night endeavour to stash in the fridge.

Staying On Track With Midweek Meals And This Butternut Squash, Courgette and Feta Frittata Recipe

Lottie Murphy's midweek meals and frittata

Summer is over and you might be feeling a little demotivated as the swimwear gets packed away and the jumpers come out. It's also so easy to start giving in to cakes and daily warming chai lattes on the go this time of year and that's fine but it's great to try sticking to balanced wholesome meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep you on track and feeling great for Autumn. Eggs are perfect for all meals and really great this time of year when you're immune system might need a boost. A perfect midweek dinner below to try is this Butternut Squash, Courgette and Feta Frittata.