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Make food better and add an Egg!

Transform your next meal from good to great by adding an egg! Whether it’s poached, fried or boiled, an egg can bring almost any dish to life, complementing a variety of different flavours and providing a whole extra load of essential vitamins for a healthier kick. Here are a few examples to get you started.

Delicious egg desserts!

Turn your eggs into something a little sweeter by trying one of our delicious egg-based desserts! From freshly baked egg custards and flans through to pancakes and pavlovas, the tasty truth really is in the pudding - here are some delicious dessert ideas for you to get stuck in. Read, steady, cook!

Omelette Cooking Guide

Omelette with rocket ham

Quick and easy, omelettes are one of the best ways to transform your eggs into healthy and satisfying meals.

Sunshine snacking! Perfect picnic recipes

With summer now well on its way it’s time to get outside and enjoy a lovely picnic on the grass. From delicate pastries and classic sharers through to light salads there are loads of things you can bring to the party. We love a good picnic as much as anyone else so we’ve put together some of our favourite snackable sharers for you to enjoy out in the sun.