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Ready for pancake day? Of course you are,! Here are some awesome pancake recipes for you to try with a few adventurous options thrown in.

Lottie's energising and tasty egg slices

Simple to make and perfect for a post workout snack or a mid morning meeting pick me up!

Christmas leftover recipes

With so much time, thought and care that goes into a Christmas feast it’s pretty normal to go overboard and have too much

So here we are again! Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes all of the usual festive things that we look forward to.

We all know how important a good hearty breakfast is to kick starting our day; unfortunately not everyone has the luxury of time on their side.

Knowing how to cook properly at home is not only great fun, but also the cornerstone of a healthy and nutritious diet.

Look out London! The latest food trend is right around the corner with more and more egg-based eateries popping up all over the capital.

Transform your next meal from good to great by adding an egg!

Turn your eggs into something a little sweeter by trying one of our delicious egg-based desserts!

Remember what it was like to be at school, opening your lunchbox and seeing a scotch egg in there? Not too shabby, right!

Quick and easy, omelettes are one of the best ways to transform your eggs into healthy and satisfying meals.

With summer now well on its way it’s time to get outside and enjoy a lovely picnic on the grass.

There are few morning meals that reign more supreme than famous Eggs Benedict

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a leisurely brunch on a late weekend morning, especially when there’s a bank holiday weekend to enjoy.

Easter is well on its way and shops throughout the country are already fully stocked with tasty chocolate eggs and fluffy bunny toys.

Forget about brunch, now it’s all about brinner! A new food trend is emerging where people are swapping out main meal ingredients and eating breakfast foods for dinner.

It’s that time of year once again – pancake day! We love pancakes here at Egg Recipes and have put together a whole bunch of delicious recipes for you to try.

One of the best things about a new year is that it gives us the chance to start fresh and set new goals.

An omelette is just an omelette, right? Nope! One of the best things about this versatile dish is just how much you can do with the ingredients you have on hand.

Ok, so we all know that boiling an egg isn’t rocket science – boil the water in a pot, put your egg in (gently!) and then take it out after a few minutes, right?