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Sounds tasty! Sweet potato recipes

We all love sweet potato; their irresistible softness and unique taste makes them a great meal option especially if you want something easy.

They work their way nicely into varying styles of dishes and are suitable for breakfast, as a snack or as part of a main meal. The best part is that they go hand-in-hand with eggs, both in taste and versatility, opening a whole range of delicious recipes to try. Let’s see what we have…

Imperfect Matter: My Favourite Brunch Dishes

poached eggs brunch

Brunch has become a much more popular meal in the UK over recent years. When I went to New York back in 2008 we sat down for a leisurely Sunday brunch at 12:30pm, surrounded by a restaurant full of people doing the same thing. Over the last few years I feel like the UK has caught up with the trend.

Now with the world of social media and sharing photos of our meals, everyone seems to love the idea of making their egg-based brunch look award-winning to capture that perfect shot for Instagram… I should know, I’m one of those people!

Springtime Lunch! Eggs with chorizo and asparagus

Eggs chorizo and asparagus

With the arrival of spring comes dining al fresco and lighter lunches on the menu, so this delicious recipe is ideal for the season. It is quick to make yet packed with flavour, without being too high in calories, so it’s perfect for those watching their weight without wanting to compromise on taste!

Brilliant bank holiday brunch ideas

So we have finally reached another bank holiday weekend! An extra day to relax, have some fun and spend time with friends and family. What’s more, the sun is finally starting to show its face which means gardens, parks and picnics may well be on the table again.