Egg nutrition

Do you know how many calories there are in an egg or what the code on the shell means? What about whether or not you should keep eggs in the fridge? To find out more about the eggs you eat, visit our sister site Egginfo for a wealth of information on nutrition, production and safety with a whole bunch of facts and figures along the way.

If you’re a health professional, you can find more detailed material on nutrition, cholesterol, safety and other relevant areas, all supported by referenced sources from health organisations and academic research. Visit Egginfo now, or click through to one of the main categories below.

Egg nutrition and health

For a detailed breakdown of all the nutritional content of an egg including calories, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. This section also contains information on how eggs fit within a healthy lifestyle including cholesterol information, balanced diet and supporting exercise recovery.

Facts and figures

How many eggs are consumed in the UK? What are the different production types and what about the sizes and quality?

British Lion eggs

Find out more about the UK’s most successful food safety mark in effectively eradicating salmonella, information on suppliers, Codes of Practice and other useful resources.

Teachers and children

Check out our fun and colourful teaching resources, games and quizzes to help children learn about egg safety, keeping a healthy diet and other relevant areas.