Pancake Day 2019

Get cracking this Pancake Day (5th March 2019) with British Lion eggs’ delicious and easy-to-make recipes - sure to help you have a flipping great day.

There are no rules, so get cracking and stacking for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

For breakfast, devour the raspberry ripple pancakes with quick compote, the spinach and dill pancakes with salmon or the big breakfast pancakes.
At lunch, savour crepes with crab and herbs, the mushroom, ham and goat's cheese pancakes and the souffléd smoked haddock pancakes.
Dinner recipes include the Mexican pancake stack, Italian crespelle pancakes and the chorizo and pulled pork pancakes.

As well as the selection on this page, be sure to explore our most popular pancake recipes.


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How to Make Pancakes

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