How to boil an egg

How to boil an egg
  • Serves: 2
  • Prep: 0mins
  • Cook: 5mins

Timing boiled eggs can be difficult, especially when trying to make perfect soft boiled eggs for dipping soldiers or to easy peel hard boiled eggs. Egg cooking time depends on a number of factors – whether the eggs are refrigerated, their size and even the type of pan used.

Many people are not sure how to boil eggs, so we have put together a list of easy to follow instructions for getting great boiled eggs every time. For perfect boiled eggs – whether soft or hard boiled – every time, download the Egg Recipes app with its in-built egg timer.



  • 2 large British Lion eggs
  • Water for boiling
  • Pinch of salt
  • Buttered toast cut into soldiers to serve (optional)


  1. Place egg in a small pan. Cover with at least 2.5cm (1") of cold water, add a pinch of salt and place the pan on a high heat.
  2. When the water is almost boiling, gently stir the egg and set a kitchen timer for one of the timings below:
    • 3 minutes for really soft boiled yolk and set white
    • 4 minutes for slightly set yolk and set white
    • 5 minutes for firmer yolk and white
    • 6 minutes for hard boiled with lightly soft yolk
    • 7 minutes for firmly hard boiled
  3. Reduce heat slightly to keep water bubbling but not fast boiling and stir the egg once more.
  4. Once cooking time is complete, remove the egg from the pan with slotted spoon, place into egg cup and serve immediately with hot buttered toast soldiers.

    Cook's Tip: To prevent egg cracking, make a small pin prick in the shell at the rounded end to allow the steam to escape.

    Boiling is just the beginning! Try out one of our many fantastic boiled egg recipes and create some dynamic and delicious dishes.

Nutritional information, per serving:
Calories Carbs Protein Fat Saturates Salt
78 0.0g 7.5g 5.4g 1.5g 0.2g

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