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Brilliant bank holiday brunch ideas

So we have finally reached another bank holiday weekend! An extra day to relax, have some fun and spend time with friends and family. What’s more, the sun is finally starting to show its face which means gardens, parks and picnics may well be on the table again.

Baked mini cheese and herb omelettes

Baked mini cheese and herb omelettes

I am a huge fan of simple recipes when time is tight – if there’s a cheat’s version of a recipe that helps me whilst I am working, than that’s the recipe for me! When I DO have time however, I love being in the kitchen, baking and preparing meals, I find it very cathartic and relaxing, and I love working with fresh seasonal produce. So, with a busy weekend coming up, and with lots of wonderful eggs at my disposal, I created a new recipe for Baked Mini Cheese & Herb Omelettes.

Excellent Easter recipes!

As you know Easter is all about the eggs, but as well as the chocolate variety and a traditional egg breakfast the real things are also an essential ingredient when making treats such as cakes and biscuits. If you’re throwing a party or want to make some fun and delicious treats, we have a few Easter recipe suggestions that you might want to try!

Mini Easter cakes

Make Mother's Day with an egg

Mother's day smoked salmon and scramled egg croissant

Whether you’re a kitchen numpty or a confident cook, there’s an eggy recipe idea here to pamper your mum on Mother’s Day morning.

Sarah Trivuncic of Maison Cupcake has asked her friends to suggest their favourite egg recipes with which to make Mother’s Day breakfast extra special.