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Welcome to the world of egg recipes

Hundreds of quick, easy recipes to transform the great British egg into delicious meals.

One-pot eggs
Simon Rimmer's one-pot egg recipes.
Main meal recipes
A selection of hearty and nutritious main meals.
Whether they’re draped in golden maple syrup, or wrapped in salty bacon and oozing creamy brie...
Extra quick egg recipes
From pan to plate in as little as five minutes.
Breakfast egg recipes
Kick-start your day with an egg-based breakfast.
Classic egg recipes
How to boil, poach, fry, scramble and other classics.
Low calorie egg recipes
Healthy and filling recipes all under 350 calories.
Desserts and baking recipes
Delicious puds and cakes from easy to extravagant.
High protein recipes
High protein recipes for those looking for a little more in their meals!
Eggs are the perfect basic ingredient for many vegetarian dishes.
microwave egg recipes
Create meals in minutes with these delicious recipes.
Ways to cook
Whether you like yours boiled, fried, scrambled or poached, ways to cook will show you how to get...