Quick and easy recipes

Are you in a rush or constantly strapped for time? This varied collection of quick and easy egg recipes is perfect for when you need to cook up something quickly with as little effort as possible.

From simple egg recipes, such as omelettes and scrambled eggs, to more elaborate dishes like the Micro Mexican Pot or the Strawberry and Ricotta Rollups, these easy egg recipes prove that with the right ingredients and recipe, there’s a lot you can achieve in a little time.

Simple in practice but deliciously impressive in results – all of these egg recipes can be created in 15 minutes or less, or in some cases just 5 minutes for those really up against the clock! Why not try out one of many quick and easy recipes, including Egg in a mug, Spanish omelette and a veggie breakfast scramble? Get that stopwatch at the ready and get cooking to see how easy it is to make fantastic tasty meals.